Website Monitoring Plan

  • Application Performance

Frequency: Monthly

Application performance and availability is monitored using tool This tool provides specific Status Report generated on every day and user can get this report on his mail ID in 24 hr.

Tools Used:

  • Website Availability & Performance

Frequency: Monthly

Host of servers including web server and database servers are monitored periodically to ensure high availability and smooth functioning of the website.

Tools Used:

  • Hyperlink Accuracy

Frequency: Quarterly

Process: While uploading of the content concerned division, checks for the hyperlink content posted on the page.

Administrator monthly visits all hyperlinks in the content on all the pages and tests the Hyperlink for the accuracy. The result is then shared with the respective uploading division.

Tools Used: Manually

Audit Log: The logs are maintained for audit purposes

  • Presence on the National Portal

Frequency: Quarterly

Process: Administrator monthly visits the national portal for presence of the content /details related to Pradhan Mantri National Dialysis Programme, India  website.

Web information Manager should register all the relevant documents with National Portal and is advised to visit National Portal for the same, and he should ensure that all the Citizen Services, Forms, Documents and Schemes are registered with the respective repositories over the National Portal. He is advised to use various mode of communication i.e. email, Letter, etc. with National Portal admin department to update their services and schemes over the national portal.

  • Broken link Check

Frequency: Quarterly

Broken links on the website are checked every Quarterly using the W3C developer tool from “Link Checker” by using broken link checker and also ‘page not found’ errors are investigated. These ‘Page not found’ errors are reported to web information manager and WIM assign to the developer for immediate resolution.

Also, the Website is checked for dead links and these are removed immediately from the website. Validation of both internal and external URLs is done fortnightly.

Tools Used: Link Checker

Audit Log: The logs are maintained in the Admin Panel for audit purposes

  • Feedback

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  • Tenders and Recruitment

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  • Virus Scan Mechanism

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  • Backup, Storage/Restoration Defacement Policy

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  • Log Maintain Policy

We only keep the record of tools mentioned on above section. Apart from that we never maintained any log history. Related to content and updating please refer clause 5.2.1 and 5.2.3.